Website / Interactive Design

Plaine Studios delivers attractive, highly functional websites to Charleston businesses and beyond. In this highly competitive international marketplace, your website must not only look good, it must communicate a consistent message, and furthermore, the world needs to be able to find it. Plaine Studios can create a website that won't break your budget and can help your business grow by allowing you to keep your site updated regularly while maintaining a consistent look and one that is able to be located by people who have never even heard of your business.


Plaine Studios offers award-winning, aesthetically appealing web design, no matter what your message. By working with you during the design process, Plaine Studios can assure you that your ideas and message will be heard and effectively translated into an immersive website. Plaine Studios has delivered websites for national and international clients.

Content Management

Digital media doesn't have to be confusing and neither does updating your website. Plaine Studios believes in the open source movement. By openly sharing information, technology and ideas, the cost of creating a website which can be easily maintained by a novice computer user is well within the operating expenses of the smallest business or entrepreneur. Plaine Studios is proud to deliver a content management solution that will allow you to preserve the aesthetics of your site, while providing the flexibility of updating your site whenever you choose without the need to hire a technician to update your site. With training provided by Plaine Studios, you will have the flexibility to update your site from anywhere in the world, without the need to purchase any additional software or hire someone else to do it for you.

Site Hosting

Plaine Studios leases and manages a dedicated server from one of the largest and most respected hosting companies in the world. It is critical that your site be up and running at all times, but often the costs associated with that sort of quality are not within reach. By leasing a dedicated server, Plaine Studios is able to combine a high level of quality and reliability with an affordable cost to our clients. If a hurricane is headed this way, you can rest assured that all of your website, digital media, email and other data will not be disturbed by the threat. We do not have any servers in the path of a hurricane to insure that they are "hurricane-proof" and that you will be able to continue your online endeavors during and after the storm.

Search Engine Optimization

In the past, separate companies specialized in optimizing your website to make it search engine friendly. Search engines were growing and evolving and always will be changing and getting smarter. Now, you no longer need another agency to optimize your website for search engine placement. Every website that Plaine Studios builds is optimized for search engines. Plaine Studios will consult with you on content creation to assist in your efforts to come up on the heralded 'Page 1' of search results and in addition, we will construct your site in a way that search engines appreciate. No guarantees are made to get you to the top of the free search results list, however every site we build will be optimized for proper tracking by Google and other popular search engines. It's not something we charge you extra for, because in today's web design world, it is just something you should expect as part of any complete web design package.

Interactive Design

Need an interesting way to present your idea, company or organization? Plaine Studios can deliver digital media interactive design to engage your audience and demonstrate a level of professionalism that you must convey in today's competitive market. By combining high-quality graphic design with music, additional audio or digital video, along with the ability for the user to interact with your presentation, Plaine Studios can create a digital media presentation that will convey professionalism to your audience.

Plaine Studios is a website design agency in Charleston
  • ADDY Award-winning, acclaimed graphic design
  • Flexible content management based on open source web standards
  • Quality hosting at an affordable price
  • Websites for small businesses, entrepreneurs, special events and more
  • Website banner advertisement design to attract visitors to your site
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help Google find you
  • Digital audio and video production for your website
  • Email marketing

Plaine Studios is an interactive design agency in Charleston
  • Dynamic visual presentations
  • Interactive design for DVD, Flash drive, CD-ROM and other digital mediums
  • Full-service digital media design for your idea, business or organization

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