Photography &
High Definition (HD) Video Production

Digital photography and high definition video are two tools that can help you stand out from the crowd. Until recently, high definition video (HD) was something for the early adopters; not something that was accessible to a wide audience. That has all changed, and HD video is growing fast around the country. Plaine Studios is proud to offer HD video services (as well as standard definition digital video) to Charleston at very reasonable rates. HD video looks great on a large television, but it also looks astounding on your computer monitor, and with the proliferation of video on the web thanks to increased broadband access, HD video can help your business or project open eyes and turn heads.

Digital Photography

Plaine Studios professional photography is the perfect way to hold on to a moment long after it has passed. Staying on the cutting-edge of digital photography, Plaine Studios can provide digital images for your wedding, special event, family gathering or for professional usage. In addition, Plaine Studios can also offer digital stock photography for any design need or publication. Check out our current photography portfolio.

High Definition (HD) Video Production

Whether it's for your website or a DVD, Plaine Studios can deliver compelling high definition video production. Plaine Studios offers a variety of services including high definition digital videography, editing, post-production as well as more advanced motion graphics. High definition (HD) video is here now and is the future. HD video is impactful not only on a large television, but its clarity and depth is also a feature that can allow your website to stand out among the crowd. Plaine Studios can deliver the results to any medium, whether it be for the web, CD-ROM or DVD. Clients not on a "Hollywood South" budget will find Plaine Studios to be an ideal choice. Have a look at our brief clip below. (QuickTime Player required)

Interview portions from a Plaine Studios collaboration with Zehno Cross Media Communications for Tulane University
Plaine Studios is a high definition (HD) video production studio in Charleston
  • Digital and High Definition (HD) videography
  • Digital and High Definition (HD) video editing (Apple Certified Pro)
  • Digital and High Definition (HD) video compositing
  • Motion graphics
  • Sound design and mixing
  • DVD authoring or delivery for the web
  • Affordable high definition (HD) digital video production for any project or event
  • Archive family films to DVD
Plaine Studios is a photography studio in Charleston
  • Stock photography
  • Corporate/Commercial photography
  • Event photography
  • Restoration of old photos
  • Conversion of film negatives or slides to digital
  • Affordable web photo gallery creation and hosting