Identity Design

We live in an extremely visual society. At Plaine Studios, we know that a great graphic identity is key to creating and promoting your brand. A graphic identity involves not only the logo: it also involves type treatments, colors, business cards, letterheads and more, all working collaboratively in a coordinated, systematic way.

Having a unique, timeless and easily identifiable graphic identity is essential to the vitality of your business. Consequently, we strive to give you just that. Examples of successful identities include those of McDonald's, Nike, and Apple. These companies have clearly distinguished themselves in their respective markets with strong graphic identities which we all recognize (after all, did you not immediately think of the golden arches when you read the word McDonald's? Or the Nike swoosh when you read the word Nike?). Large or small, a company's logo is critical. Very few businesses who have made the transition from startup to market leader have done so without a powerful logo. Knowing that, Plaine stands ready to deliver, and to help you take your company to the next level.

Plaine Studios works with you to articulate the soul of your business, and then we give that soul a face...your company's identity.

Check out some of our featured identity work.