Design with intent.

Pretty pictures are great, but do they communicate your message?
Text and templated design can communicate your message, but are they impactful?

Plaine Studios designs with the goal of communicating to your audience in a way that is captivating, but not distracting. We listen to the message you want to communicate and help you deliver it in a way that will reach your intended audience. Plaine Studios designs with your intent in mind.

Plaine Studios is a Charleston-based digital media design agency.

Focused on delivering compelling digital media design to individuals and small to mid-sized businesses, Plaine Studios strives to help you communicate your message most effectively in an international marketplace.

Plaine Studios creates award-winning websites and interactive media.

Plaine Studios creates attractive and functional websites. By combining strong aesthetics with highly functional site design, Plaine Studios can deliver big agency results, but at a cost more affordable to entrepreneurs and established businesses, not only in Charleston, but around the world. Interactive CD-ROMs, DVDs and other presentations allow you to combine various forms of digital media to reinforce the quality of your brand to a client. Plaine Studios can deliver compelling web and interactive design. Learn more...

Plaine Studios delivers exceptional print design.

In addition to building award-winning websites, Plaine Studios also offers print design. With experience in creating print brochures, folders, flyers, magazine and newspaper advertisements and other unique marketing pieces, Plaine Studios can create the sort of dynamic design required to hold the attention of the viewers, without distracting them from your message. Learn more...

Plaine Studios shoots impactful high definition video and photography.

Plaine Studios also offers high definition (HD) video and photography services. By creatively combining photography, video and the web, Plaine Studios can extend your reach allowing you to attract customers well beyond Charleston. Not interested in selling anything? Plaine Studios can also preserve the memory of a special event for a lifetime. Learn more...

Plaine Studios delivers identity design with intent.

Having a unique, timeless and impactful identity is critical to the growth and vitality of your business. Plaine Studios will listen to what your goals as a company are and translate this into an identity that will present the sort of powerful brand necessary in today's world. Learn more...